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Job Seaching and Monetary Frustration!
So I've been looking for work for over a year now and guess what NOTHING!  The longer I go without finding something the more frustrated I get. And with the frustration comes the anger and the desire to give up. I have applied to every retail,customer service, fast food place I can think of and come up empty. Now because apparently my life doesn't suck enough other people seem to think that despite the many news reports and analysis to the contrary that there are jobs a plenty. MORONS! If there were jobs everywhere for everyone we would all have them. But do the people WITH jobs believe that no! They think if you aren't working you haven't put in the effort. Well screw those people! I wouldn't wish this crap on anyone. The hardest job someone could have right now is NOT having a job. Having to get up in the morning not knowing where exactly you're going to go or what website to log onto today because you've been to them all. And NEWSFLASH constant rejection is not fun nor is it encouraging! Not having money to do the simplest things like get some freaking 99cents nuggets at the fast food place is NOT fun! Having to get 5bucks worth of gas to get you to the end of the corner is NOT fun. Having to ask other people for every little thing that you want to do is NOT fun. So you don't ask you don't ask for something that you want you don't ask for something that you need. You let the gas tank inch closer towards E because hey you just asked for 5bucks for gas a week ago! So even though you want to go out to search for a job you stay in and apply over the internet and then you get bitched at for not going out!  
This was just my need to vent. I'm tired,I'm angry,and frustrated and so discouraged.

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Dice had an article recently about taking a job search break, if you can afford it. It does get old.

So I assume you have been to all the light industrial temp agencies? Even just a few days work might make you feel a little more positive.

Light industrial is staffing speak for unskilled labor that doesn't actually require muscle. Like packaging or assembly or something delightful like that. I don't think you'd want a career of it, but it's better than stewing.

:( I'm so sorry. So many people I know are out of work right now and I know the job search can be demoralizing.

Recruiting and hiring is actually a significant portion of my job, so if you ever want help with your resume or interview tips or anything I'd be happy to help.

And seconding the encouragement to do some temp work if you've got those kinds of skills and if there's some availability in your area. I don't know about other companies, but if we get a temp we like in a new or newly-vacated position, we will bite the bullet and pay the agency's finder's fee, because finding someone who can fit in with the team and the company culture is so important. We've hired 3 or 4 of our administrative assistants permanently that way.

In the meantime, *hugs* if you want them.

Thanks you and Black_Panda_Ops have told me to go to a temp agency and maybe that's fate sending me a message. I fully accept your hugs. And may take you both up on your offers to review my resume.

Just saw this article today and thought of you:

Call center work isn't most people's first choice, but the son of a coworker of mine was having trouble finding a job after some legal troubles, and call centers were one of the areas most consistently hiring. Don't know if anything like that is available in your area (although geography probably isn't as much of an issue with the work-from-home type of position), but it might be worth looking into if you haven't already. My BFF lived on temp work on and off for almost 2 years, and one of her best and most stable jobs was working the customer service phone line at a local big-name company.

Good luck!

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