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My poor LJ
Wow I just looked at my archive and I haven't posted anything in a very long time. Not that I ever did but I figured I'd drop a line.
Well Twitter,Tumblr and Skype have stolen my heart and attention. I still love LJ and the communities but I admit to getting far too wrapped up in Twitter.
LJ was my first love and opened the door for most of my social-networking and gave me a great place to come and fan-girl. I still do. The Chlollie Chloe/Oliver community is the best and by far my favorite. They rock almost as hard as Chlollie itself! 
I also like to fan girl over Dair and Bamon. For those who don't know Dair is Dan/Blair of Gossip Girl. And I've shipped them almost from their first scene together. I love the grudging respect that the two clearly had but refused to show each other it added nicely to the tension and I'm hoping that season 5 will finally do justice to what lots of Dair fans have seen and wanted for so long.  Do they have to be endgame? No but so long as they get a fair shot I'm good. 
Bamon is Bonnie/Damon from The Vampire Diaries and while I realize that the general ships are for Delena or almost any Elena based pairing it was Bonnie that stole my heart. I never read the books, and from what I've heard I don't really want to. My love for Bonnie and Bamon is all from the show. Kat Graham is amazing and while he may be dating Nina Dobrev in real life I find myself wondering what Ian Somerhalder and Kat Graham's babies would look like. But I digress. I fell in love with Bonnie and Damon by accident and of my own free will. I turned the TV and he was harassing her in the parking lot and while a normal sane woman would think he was an ass all I could think was,"Wow those two look great together! And what chemistry they have!"
What does this have to do with Twitter and Tumblr you ask? Well there aren't really that many communities on LJ at least that I know off that celebrate Bamon or Dair so I have to take my fan girling elsewhere. Why don't I start community you ask? Well I just don't have the dedication it takes to run one.
Well that's my story and now if you'll excuse me I'm going to head on over to Twitter now. ;)


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