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Okay I already posted part of this over at latetothpartyhp  page but thought I'd put it here also,  It's my list of Smallville's biggest missed opportunites.  Feel free to add or comment on any of them and post your own list.
Anyone who knows me knows that the reason I watch Smallville is for Chloe so no surprise that my liist is about...Chloe! Shocker right so here goes.
4.Chlavis(Chloe/Davis) and many other missed ships that could have been great but what did we get? Chimmy no offense to the fans but IMO this couple was always tepid at it's best. Which sucks because AM had chemistry with nearly everyone else! lol
5.Chloe and Lois aka Chlois  best friends, cousins,and kickass reporting team?  Such a waste!  They could have been awesome!  With Lois's brash and over the top attitude combined with Chloe's intuition, subtlety, and amazing hacking skills they would have left no stone unturned!  But did we get that nooo!
6.The Isis foundation.  So much potential for s/l's that could have come from there but it just fell by the wayside like so many other things from the show.
7.Chloe getting fed up with Clark's hypocrisy and going evil(because who doesn't love dark Chloe?)  IMO Chloe would have made a great badass!
8.Not having Chlollie sooner!  For those of us who saw it from the word "Wow!" and were screaming at our tv's,dreaming up and reading fics, and watching vids of these two a few eps at the end of last season and the few eps that we get when Chloe returns later this season just isn't enough!
9.Chloe's meteor ability.  Hello what happened to it?!  I know that some people were disapponted with her ability being able to heal others with her tears but I was looking forward to watching this power grow and evolve.  As others have said turn into an ability to self-heal and even immortality.  But no it's gone and IMO we never got a good reason why!
10.Last but certainly not least THE CHLOIS THEORY!  Need I spell it out?  Didn't think so!

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I think it was also a missed opportunity that we didn't get to see Lex truly getting angry with Lana. I don't think it was in his nature to let bygones be bygones and he would have wanted some revenge for her setting him up to take the fall for her "murder."

And then when he does tell her she can come back to SV and that he won't try and hurt her, she still bitched him out because he didn't clean up her messes fast enough. That should have been the final straw for him and she would have truly gotten to see an evil master mind at work.

But then again, KK wouldn't have been able to handle playing that many complex emotions--she was always one note at best.

It was really messed up that no one called Lana on the fact that she set Lex up for murder. The police didn't even attempt to investigate when she came back. Faking your death may not be a crime but HELLO didn't they want to know where she got the body?!

I can totally agree with Chloe/Davis. Plus I'm a Chloe/George fan, so having that ship ripped out from under me was like another kick in the gut.

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