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Just a little post
So I'm only doing this post cause LJ may be on another cleaning jag and I don't want this to get deleted.  So hello to anyone who still follows.  I know I don't post anything here really but hey I may want to in the future and would like to keep my options open.

Life slumps,funks and apathy.
So my life has been in a bit of a slump for a while.  Its fine happens to everyone every now and then.  But recently I've gotten into a funk.  My temper is shortening and people that I consider friends are starting to irk my nerves.  I don't think they've changed just the way I view the relationships in my life.  I still like/love these people I just find myself rolling my eyes more often at them and the conversations we have.  They start rambling and my mind wonders away and I just find that I can't even really make myself care.  I feel horrible about detaching from them cause I do consider them friends but I can't seem to stop.  I think perhaps I've come to recognize who and what pulls me farther into my funks.  It's like sometimes I'm trying to be positive and give myself something to be happy about and then someone will come along with their special brand of life angst be it real or imagined and sucks me into their drama.  I have enough drama of my own.  And while friends should be happy to share the burden should you share to the point that their emotions start to effect you to the point where you find it hard to function in your life?  The only thing worse than the slumps and the funks is this point of apathy I've reached.
Obviously this is a ramble.  Probably no one will read it.  That's fine but if you are reading this.  Let me know.  I may need some input on this bout of angst. 

Bonnie&Rebekah Sisters
Disclaimer: I own nothing! If I did would I be giving it way for free? Belongs to the CW and all other respective partiesRead more...Collapse )
Summary: Rebekah plays matchmaker for Bonnie and Klaus

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Bonnie&Klaus Feral
AN: This a prequel to Change
Disclaimer: I own nothing except my own smutty thoughts! Bonnie,Klaus and TVD characters belong to the CW and other folks that get the money!
Summary: What happened when Klaus let Bonnie off the wall?Read more...Collapse )
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Bonnie&Klaus Changed
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Job Seaching and Monetary Frustration!
So I've been looking for work for over a year now and guess what NOTHING!  The longer I go without finding something the more frustrated I get. And with the frustration comes the anger and the desire to give up. I have applied to every retail,customer service, fast food place I can think of and come up empty. Now because apparently my life doesn't suck enough other people seem to think that despite the many news reports and analysis to the contrary that there are jobs a plenty. MORONS! If there were jobs everywhere for everyone we would all have them. But do the people WITH jobs believe that no! They think if you aren't working you haven't put in the effort. Well screw those people! I wouldn't wish this crap on anyone. The hardest job someone could have right now is NOT having a job. Having to get up in the morning not knowing where exactly you're going to go or what website to log onto today because you've been to them all. And NEWSFLASH constant rejection is not fun nor is it encouraging! Not having money to do the simplest things like get some freaking 99cents nuggets at the fast food place is NOT fun! Having to get 5bucks worth of gas to get you to the end of the corner is NOT fun. Having to ask other people for every little thing that you want to do is NOT fun. So you don't ask you don't ask for something that you want you don't ask for something that you need. You let the gas tank inch closer towards E because hey you just asked for 5bucks for gas a week ago! So even though you want to go out to search for a job you stay in and apply over the internet and then you get bitched at for not going out!  
This was just my need to vent. I'm tired,I'm angry,and frustrated and so discouraged.

My poor LJ
Wow I just looked at my archive and I haven't posted anything in a very long time. Not that I ever did but I figured I'd drop a line.
Well Twitter,Tumblr and Skype have stolen my heart and attention. I still love LJ and the communities but I admit to getting far too wrapped up in Twitter.
LJ was my first love and opened the door for most of my social-networking and gave me a great place to come and fan-girl. I still do. The Chlollie Chloe/Oliver community is the best and by far my favorite. They rock almost as hard as Chlollie itself! 
I also like to fan girl over Dair and Bamon. For those who don't know Dair is Dan/Blair of Gossip Girl. And I've shipped them almost from their first scene together. I love the grudging respect that the two clearly had but refused to show each other it added nicely to the tension and I'm hoping that season 5 will finally do justice to what lots of Dair fans have seen and wanted for so long.  Do they have to be endgame? No but so long as they get a fair shot I'm good. 
Bamon is Bonnie/Damon from The Vampire Diaries and while I realize that the general ships are for Delena or almost any Elena based pairing it was Bonnie that stole my heart. I never read the books, and from what I've heard I don't really want to. My love for Bonnie and Bamon is all from the show. Kat Graham is amazing and while he may be dating Nina Dobrev in real life I find myself wondering what Ian Somerhalder and Kat Graham's babies would look like. But I digress. I fell in love with Bonnie and Damon by accident and of my own free will. I turned the TV and he was harassing her in the parking lot and while a normal sane woman would think he was an ass all I could think was,"Wow those two look great together! And what chemistry they have!"
What does this have to do with Twitter and Tumblr you ask? Well there aren't really that many communities on LJ at least that I know off that celebrate Bamon or Dair so I have to take my fan girling elsewhere. Why don't I start community you ask? Well I just don't have the dedication it takes to run one.
Well that's my story and now if you'll excuse me I'm going to head on over to Twitter now. ;)

Hotties by Age Groups!
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(no subject)
Okay I already posted part of this over at latetothpartyhp  page but thought I'd put it here also,  It's my list of Smallville's biggest missed opportunites.  Feel free to add or comment on any of them and post your own list.
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My soaps
So next Wed. Soapnet's running a marathon for fav. couples and I have to ask "Who's favs?" They've picked Jasam, Rylee, and TnT for those who don't know
Jason and Sam from General Hospital
Ryan and Greenlee from All My Children
Todd and Tea from One Life to Live

Now I'm a Todd and Tea fan and I know that they do very well in the polls although I would also take Todd and Blair but the other two? Pfft!

Is there really anyone left who's still cheering for Rylee?  I would much rather watch these AMC couples.
Zach and Kendall
Angie and Jessie they're not only great they're EPIC
Jake and Amanda

Lulu and Dante
Carly and Jax(even though I hate Carly's guts right now)
and check the icon Liz and Jason!
I just find that with Jasam I'm bored out of my mind!  When Sam started on GH she was a smart tough con woman and while I'm glad she's not conning people anymore she seems to have also lost the smart tough part also!  In short there's no Sam in Jasam.  But no they just had to put them back together after ruining Liason and Lusam(Lucky and Sam).  Why so Sam can be kicked out every time Carly comes over with a problem or Sonny walks in.  But I guess being a doormat makes her the perfect woman for him.
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