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Bonnie&Klaus Feral
AN: This a prequel to Change
Disclaimer: I own nothing except my own smutty thoughts! Bonnie,Klaus and TVD characters belong to the CW and other folks that get the money!
Summary: What happened when Klaus let Bonnie off the wall?

  She'd been quiet for days. Too quiet Klaus thought. But he'd catch her looking at him out of the corner of his eye with anger, mistrust and...lust? The last may have been wishful thinking on his part. He could admit that his little witch, he liked the sound of that "his witch,his Bonnie witch" was a a beautiful little thing all smooth and caramel skin. But he wasn't fool enough to underestimate a vengeful witch and there was no doubt that Bonnie was vengeful he just wasn't certain anymore who that vengeance would be unleashed on when it finally came. He'd worked hard to have it directed at the doppleganger and her band of merry fools but you could never be sure. So like any discerning man with an ounce of self-preservation he was ready just in case the witch tried something. But there was no way even he could have seen what would happen next.
Klaus had been giving her his blood. At first Bonnie was disgusted.  She knew what he was doing what vampire blood did. It bound you to the vampire. He was making it so that she could never escape him.  Not that she would.  After realizing how hard her "friends" had tried to find her Bonnie had realized that she didn't want to go home.  She'd been allowed access to the internet and seen that her father hadn't even bothered to report her missing. IF he even noticed she was gone.  So she'd decided to stay.  It wasn't so bad.   And besides Stefan and Rebekah were here and she enjoyed their company.  Stefan had always been like a brother to her and Rebekah was becoming the sister that she thought Elena was.
Then there was Klaus she knew first hand how cruel and vicious he could be hell he'd tortured her for weeks! But there were other times,times when he was with Rebekah and Stefan when he seemed genuinely happy and light. Those were the times when she nearly forgot who he was WHAT he was. Then there were those other times when he thought he wasn't being watched when there was a vulnerable lost look in his eyes. He seemed so lonely and she wanted to sooth him and those were the times when she hated him the most!  Hated him for making her want to sooth him for making her CARE she sneered at the thought.  She could almost blame it on the blood. But it was those moments just wouldn't let her completely believe it. 
It was in one of those moments that the unthinkable happened.
Rebekah and Stefan had gone into town leaving Bonnie and Klaus alone Bonnie sat in front of the TV not really watching the cartoon that was on. She could feel Klaus staring at her. "What?",she said.  "I beg your pardon?",Klaus said surprised at being caught. "Why do you keep staring at me?",Bonnie said through clenched teeth. "You're a beautiful woman Bonnie men are bound to stare at you. Why does it bother you to have me looking?",Klaus smirked. Bonnie was ready to snap back at him until she caught one of THOSE looks in his eyes. That look that said he wanted something from her. She started to feel hot and tingly and for once she couldn't blame her magic for the feeling.  "You don't think I see how you watch me Klaus?", Bonnie said rising from the sofa. It was hot day and she was only wearing a sundress. Klaus licked his lips as he noticed the way that Bonnie was suddenly watching him. "Is that right?  And what way would that be?"he asked.  Bonnie let a smirk cross her lips. She'd been having some rather impure thoughts about Klaus lately and she'd decided that she'd act on that and TAKE what she wanted.  "Am I to believe that you don't want me?",she said reaching behind her to unzip her sundress. Klaus nearly fell out of his chair trying rise. For a brief moment he thought she was playing a game with him until his nose caught the unmistakable scent of arousal in the air. "Now why would I lie about that? When you smell so delightful?"Klaus closed his eyes to inhale her scent only to quickly realize his mistake. Suddenly he was pushed against a wall by an invisible force. He opened his eyes to see Bonnie standing in front of him in nothing but her underwear,her skimpy barely there underwear that he'd like nothing better than to tear off with his teeth. "What are you doing, love?" Bonnie slowly approached Klaus. "Love? This has nothing to do with love.",with a flick of her wrist the buttons on Klaus's shirt flew off and to the floor. She stepped closer running her fingers as Klaus let out a nervous chuckle. He knew the witch couldn't kill him but that didn't mean she couldn't make him very uncomfortable.  Bonnie continued to rub her hands over Klaus's chest. She had to admit he was certainly fit. "Bonnie if you're thinking what I really hope you're thinking I'm not going to be much help to you in my current position.",Klaus said.  Bonnie looked at him with a raised brow before suddenly giving him a smirk that sent a delicious chill down his spine. "You're right let's take this someplace more comfortable."
Before Klaus could grasp her meaning he found himself tied to a bed, His bed to be precise. "How?"  "How did I teleport us?", Bonnie said climbing onto the bed and moving her body over his. "Well that's thanks to you and your blood.  It's given me quite the power boost.",  she leaned over brushing her lips across his as he strained at silk scarves binding his wrists. He growled in frustration wanting so badly to run his hands along the body perched on his. Bonnie slid her body along his feeling every hard inch beneath her. "This would be so much more fun if you untied me.", Bonnie gave him a thoughtful look and shrugged ,"I suppose you're right.",  The moment Klaus's bounds were released he grasped Bonnie's waist and flipped their positions. "If we do this Bonnie you'll be mine. There will be no going back. If you attempt to leave me I will hunt you to the end of the earth.",  Bonnie looked up at Klaus having made a decision in her heart and head in that moment. Suddenly her eyes flashed gold and SHE was once again on top. "Just so you understand the same. And if I ever find you with another woman for anything other than a meal I'll scratch your eyes out!", Klaus leaned back looking into Bonnie's eyes wondering just what it was he'd created by feeding the witch his blood. All thoughts fled his mind when Bonnie suddenly lowered herself onto him. She was so tight and hot he nearly came right there. "My gods!", he gasped trying to regain some control. Bonnie smirked while riding hims slowly. "Enough torture woman!", he flipped her onto her back swiftly sliding between her thighs and thrusting deep. "Mine!",he gritted out. She looked up at him with eyes that could only be described as feral, "And you're mine. I just need you to promise me one thing.",she said. "Anything", he gritted out while still thrusting into her. "That we kill them." "Kill who?"he said. Not that he cared he'd have promised to destroy the world in that moment so long as it meant he'd feel this for the rest of his life. "Elena.",she said as her hips rose up to meet his. "Yes!",he said thrusting faster, "Damon." "With pleasure.",thrusting harder. "And Jeremy." Klaus's eyes flew open at the mention of the boys name but he didn't slow or lessen his pace,"I'll rip his heart out of his chest and hand it to you on a platter!", he said coming as she tightened around him going over the edge herself. 
Later as Bonnie lay sleeping with her head on Klaus's chest with a tiny smile on her face he lay staring at her. His little witch had gone quite feral on him during the night. his back was still healing from the deep scratches she'd left. Oh yes he couldn't be quite certain what feeding his blood to her had done to his little kitten but he did know that she'd gone absolutely feral. 
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Nice! Could do with some cleaned up grammar, mostly missing commas, but it's a nice little PWP. :D

OMG LMAOOO parts of this fic just made me laugh, the things they said were hilarious.

I think it is as you said yourself quite OOC x) but still a very enjoyable read. The innerdialogue and overall vibe of the story is nice.

I do have one question, how can a hybrid not be strong enough to ripp silk sashes that hold him to a bed? but that is just me being picky. :)

Magic Min! Magic!

My main problem is simply the formatting; I try to use a TON of line breaks and new paragraphs in my fics, simply so its easier to see where you leave off reading, etc., because it's hard for me myself to read a bulky paragraph, i get lost.
But OH MAN that was hot! Bonnie wanting to kill everyone is freaking hilarious, but I could understand her resentment, and that resentment reaching a peaking point esp when they didn't come to save her, etc. The smut was great! Not over-the-top, the word "cock" wasn't flying around...Excellent job Chin.

Review for Bonnie and Klaus chapter

Another well done chapter, a bit funny and odd at parts but over all very good job with the intamacy of this chapter but still keeping it to the storyline without going too overboard.

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