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Bonnie&Klaus Changed
Disclaimer: Nothing is Mine I'm merely borrowing them for my own naughty purposes! I got no money only the pleasure of Klaus and Bonnie together!

The wall that she'd spent weeks chained to as Klaus attempted to "persuade"her into helping him with his quest to make more hybrids . She'd finally given in after a particularly long bout of starvation and less then subtle reminders that no one had come for her and probably wouldn't.  Klaus had merely smirked in triumph as he ordered Stefan to unchain her,clean her off and bring her upstairs.  Until then Bonnie hadn't been sure where they were but was shocked to realize they hadn't even left Mystic Falls.  Hadn't any of her friends tried to find her?  If one of them had been missing she'd have done anything to find them and get them back.  After all she'd spent weeks with her relatives trying to find out if one of them had a way to track down Stefan and defeat Klaus. But no Klaus had taken her from right outside of her home and no one had come for her. Bonnie took a deep breath as she let the anger settle in her chest another barrier to her heart.  Bonnie couldn't say when it had happened but it had. She now only had room in her heart for what she now called her "family" Stefan,Rebekah and of course Klaus. Klaus whom she knew she should hate but couldn't because he'd shown her. Shown her who she was meant to be, and shown her how those who claimed to care weren't just holding her back from true power but from true love.  Oh how he'd shown her how to love.  Bonnie let a smirk cross her face at the thought of her and Klaus having what started as what could only be described as "passionate hate sex".  That smirk quickly vanished as she remembered the BOY she'd given her self to believing that it would bind them and their love forever only to be tossed aside for some dead bitches!  She breathed deep to calm herself.  But she was free now free from all of it all of them.  They'd shown her how much she meant to them and now she'd return the favor.
They'd pay all of them.  Elena the best friend that claimed to love her but only so long as she was of use to her and her little vampire boy toys.   Jeremy the boyfriend who'd become so preoccupied with his dead exes he'd barely spoken to Bonnie since her return.  Damon whom Bonnie'd always hated and would've enjoyed torturing even before leaving her at the mercy of Klaus.  She'd spare Caroline give her a chance to join them.  She was sure that given the right persuasion it wouldn't be difficult.  She'd always preferred Bonnie to Elena anyway. Yes she'd figured out the problem with Klaus making more hybrids and she was going to happily hand Elena over to him and laugh as he ripped that selfish bitch's throat out...again. 
Bonnie smirked as she felt a pair of arms slide around her waist, "Hello my lovely." Klaus's voice had always sent a shiver down her spine but now it was for very different reasons. "Where have you been?",she said allowing herself to be pulled into hardness of his body.  Unlike most vamps Klaus was warm,hot even she supposed it was his werewolf side.  "I was making plans." Klaus said. "You're always making plans. When are we going to take action?" Bonnie's voice was slightly impatient and Klaus sighed looking into her eyes. Who knew that eyes that were once glowed with warmth could hold such cold fire? Klaus was more than slightly pleased that he was the reason for it.  She'd come a long way from the scared little witch he'd faced off against in that high school. Was it only a months ago? For all that was left of that unsure little witch it felt like years.
Klaus was pulled from his thoughts as he heard footsteps approaching. "It's time to go my sweet." Klaus reached for Bonnie's hand as they climbed the stairs. Bonnie gave one last glance at the wall. Her time here had changed her. She couldn't say she regretted it. She turned back to Klaus as they emerged from the basement where Stefan and Rebekah were waiting for them. No she had a new family now a REAL family and she'd do whatever it took KILL whoever it took to keep it.

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The awesome fic of awesome badassness was awesome and badass! Chin! Y U NOT DO THIS SOONER? Ohh man klaus feeling "hot" I love it *_* "my lovely"! Afafjsahsfak *flails* I wants more!

Sadly I can see Elena, Damon and Jeremy abandoning Bonnie when she needs them the most. But hopefully she ends up loving Klaus more than just a way of revenge but also a deeper understanding. Amazing so far continue!

I like how Bonnie is actually appreciated for once, and the fact that she finally has her own voice, without having to think about Elena, or Caroline, or anyone else's needs (except Klaus'. hehe)..
lmfao oh, and Jeremy and his "dead bitches" -- hilarious LOL.

Love the writing, Chinita & keep it upppp ;)
p.s. you should write ze "hate sex" for your next chapterrr. lmfao XD

Jeremy's "Dead bitches" line was hilarious, as another person said.

Also, you're really selling me on Bonnie and Klaus. It'll never happen on the show, but that's what fanfic is for!

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